Saturday, December 16, 2017

Shots Fired: Montreality Goes Off At DJ Smallz On Social Media

September 27, 2017 DMS Blog, slider

It appears that Montreality currently has an ongoing issue with one of the veterans in the hiphop industry, DJ Smallz. Best known for creating the world famous “Southern Smoke Mixtapes”, DJ Smallz also hosts a weekly radio show and in the past few years has dedicated his youtube channel to short interview segments with celebrities and reality stars. Montreality feels that DJ Smallz has copied the interview format that has brought him international recognition and that the questions he uses are in the same exact order.
Check out this Instagram post from Montreality :

“We did not want to address this publicly. We tried contacting @djsmallz in private, but never heard back. This guy has been shamelessly biting the essence of our interview format for the past few years. He has been asking artists over 7 of our fundamental MONTREALITY interview questions, in the exact same order and context as we have been doing since our inception in 2010. We put our heart and soul into every interview released and cannot ignore this any longer. We find ourselves in situations where we’re interviewing artists that have sat down with him prior to us, and we come off as unoriginal when it’s really DJ Smallz who has been plagiarizing our format. He even wrote a blog (just last week) with a “list of media outlets he has more subscribers than” and had the arrogance of including MONTREALITY on his list. You’re supposed to be an OG in this game, not a vulture. If any of you currently reading this have ever been inspired by one of our MONTREALITY interviews, we ask that you head over to @djsmallz page and voice your support.”

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