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MTL News: Rapper Milli Millz Changes His Name To “FebruaryCxld”

February 18, 2016 DMS Blog, The 514 Scene

MTL News: Rapper Milli Millz Changes His Name To “FebruaryCxld”

Montreal’s finest Milli Millz aka FebruaryCxld, who is known for dropping banging mixtapes such as “S.O.A.L” and “The Detour” hosted By DJ Rockstar, recently posted the following message on his Facebook page:

I’ve been thankful and blessed to have so many supporters with my music journey over the last few years. Grateful would be an understatement, I’ve released successful projects made amazing connections; countless memories from shows to road trips, awards, magazines, tv etc. It’s safe to say that my trophy case has a good share of hardware when it comes to accomplishments with my music.


With that being said my only fault is not being consistent, not feeding my supporters with the quality music I create on a consistent basis and for that I apologize. I can’t count the amount of msgs I get demanding new music genuinely angry at the fact I haven’t released another body of work since 2013. A lot of things played in setting back my project, which in turn made The Highway an amazing album.

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I’m going to cut this short and say thank you for rocking with me; thank you for pushing me to stay on it even when I wasn’t focus. With time comes change and sometimes change is good, I will no longer be rapping under the name of Milli Millz. I feel like the name switch was long over due. I am in a different creative space and a lot more focus then I’ve been in years. From here on out all my music will be released under the name of FebruaryCxld. ❄


Now let’s wait for some new material from FebruaryCxld, meanwhile you can still enjoy: