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New Mural of Bad News Brown Sparks A Light In The City Again

October 19, 2017 The 514 Scene

New Mural of Bad News Brown Sparks A Light In The City Again

Hip Hop has a reputation of forging the most talented individuals that music has ever seen. The influence of some of these artists go on to last for one album, some for a decade and a rare number of them have a legacy that stretches beyond their time on earth.
Bad News Brown is a part of that 1%. He took Hip Hop to a place it never went before and he did it with his favorite companion : a harmonica.

By combining his skills with this instrument, Bad News Brown invented a new style that could never be duplicated. Some of his songs didn’t have any lyrics at all but you could still feel his pain, his hunger and his desire to make it in the game. Unfortunately, his reign was cut short before he was able to show us what he stood for.

It felt like Montreal lost its own Tupac when we lost this pioneer.  Still, many rappers, fans, and public figures within the city, remember and celebrate BNB in their hearts forever.
In his honour, a mural of the late artist was painted on Clark street. Unfortunately the mural was taken down due to renovations that were being done at the time to the property.

Thanks to his loyal supporters, fans and family; Bad News Brown will make history now again with an official mural considered as monument for the city. The new mural was done by Fluke Art, a street artist that gave a new spin to the previous artwork and even though it might not bring back the man, he will sure live for the next generations on.


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