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MTL News: Krome Will Face Chilla Jones @ KOTD’s #GVG2

January 5, 2018 slider, The 514 Scene

MTL News: Krome Will Face Chilla Jones @ KOTD’s #GVG2

The DMS Spotlight: Krome

Welcome to a new series of articles called “The DMS Spotlight.” This new series of articles will highlight some of our most successful artists and battlers. For this first edition of the DMS Spotlight, we take a look at the successes of the one and only, Montreal’s Golden Boy, Krome!

Krome is undeniably  the king of Montreal’s battle rap. He has proven time and time again that he thrives under pressure. Facing increasingly difficult opponents in his tenure at DMS Battle Ring the likes of which include, DNA, JC and Loe Pesci. All of which he either won or made a classic. But his accolades don’t stop there! In his two short years as a battle rapper he has battled on KOTD’s Ground Zero many times facing some of the hungriest up and comers in Toronto and on their home turf. As well as being featured on KOTD’s Blackout 7 one of their most popular annual events.

Now, Krome prepares to face his biggest challenge yet at KOTD’s second Gully vs Ganik event. An event pitting the hungriest up and comers against some of battle raps most respected.  His next opponent is none other than the well respected “KingPen” Chilla Jones! Chilla is one of the most respected writers in the game today, a fact evidenced by Krome being quoted by Witty Smitty News as saying that facing him is “a dream matchup.” Chilla Jones has had classics with some of the best battlers in the world such as JC, Thesaurus, Charlie Clips, Arsonal and many others. He has recently been on a tear though evolving his style into a much more animated version of himself which has seen his star power rise to unprecedented levels.

This is quite obviously a HUGE look for Krome as he looks to solidify his place among the best battlers, not only in Montreal or Canada but the entire realm of battle rap. A win or even a debatable against a name the caliber of Chilla Jones is tremendous, especially when you consider Krome’s career of two years is a rather short one. We at DMS want to highlight how proud we are to have Krome as one of our hometown talents. We also wish to thank him for his hard work representing the DMS Battle Ring with this well deserved spotlight on his already illustrious career.

Signing off, Jeffrey “The Sage” Lygitsakos