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Krome VS DNA: A Symbol of the Resurgence of Battle Rap in Montreal

June 28, 2016 DMS Blog

Krome VS DNA: A Symbol of the Resurgence of Battle Rap in Montreal


I think it goes without saying this battle means a lot. I’ll be honest, this is what spawned this article. Had it not been for a battle of this magnitude, I probably would have waited on the releases and reviewed the battles I liked without expressing anything beforehand. Why is it so important in my eyes? Well, it marks the first time we see a major battle with someone from KOTD or Smack/URL since the days of the now defunct KOTD Montreal division with the likes of CL and Loe Pesci.

DNA is a polarizing figure in battle rap. Some love and respect him as arguably one of the best ever and others harp on him for sometimes saying some nonsense in the heat of the moment. People still make fun of him for “spraying machetes.” Regardless of that though, DNA is not a step up in competition but a LEAP for Krome. Not to say anything against the DMS Battle ring roster but the talent pool is undeniably narrow, at least for now.

Krome has had a few battles on KOTD’s GZ, travelling all the way to Detroit to battle on Bar Wars but this is really the first MAJOR test for Krome. He’s facing his greatest opponent and calling a winner beforehand here is nearly impossible. DNA has battled the who’s who of battle rap. He’s arguably probably beaten many of the top battlers ever. He is no slouch by any means.

Someone of DNA’s status in battle rap coming TO Montreal reestablishes our beloved city as a hotbed for dope emcees and Hip Hop as a whole. I am extremely proud to be part of this culture right now.

Krome VS DNA