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MTL News: Mombo Films’ New Movie “Goon City” Starring KGoon Dropping Soon

October 4, 2017 DMS Blog, slider
MTL News: Mombo Films' New Movie "Goon City" Starring KGoon Dropping Soon

Welcome To Goon City, Where There’s Only One Rule: Survive And Get Paid

Montreal has a lot of hidden talents that are patiently waiting to get discovered. Rappers, singers, dancers and now more recently screenwriters and movie directors are now getting their shine on.

Mombofilm Inc in association with BYBGroup and Avant Garde Entertainment put together a project attempting to show the ins and outs of the underground criminal world in Montreal.

I think we relate to those movies a lot when they come from the US because the criminals and their lifestyle are highly documented & almost glorified at times. In Montreal, this other side of the coin also exists but we tend to act like it’s not there.

People’s favorite line about Montreal’s crime culture:  ”On Est Poh À Chicago Icitte”

Hip Hop gave us an open window to this reality but now we get to see it from a movie director perspective which is a real game changer. You will get to see the underground for what it is, the issues related to it and the reality of the individuals living in it.

Their upcoming movie is called ”Goon City” and as much as the title speaks for itself, the storyline seems to incorporate many different elements that will make it impossible to not add to your ”to watch list”.

Indeed Goon City is a gangster/drama movie shot in Montreal which also marks the acting debut of Montreal’s very own : K-Goon. As an aspiring rapper, K-Goon showed us his versatility and once again he proved that he can wear many hats.

You know what it is when it comes to movies, a trailer can either make or break the potential success of the final product. For ”Goon City” the trailer full of suspense, intriguing dialogues and the whole ”us against the world” vibe attached to it make it hard not to have high expectations on this one.

We don’t have more information about the storyline yet but take a look at the official trailer and let us know what you think (the Jamaican bad guy might be the Teddy Bruk Shot)

Starring K Goon, Stephane IX, Zaid Dagamseh, Jason Kettle, Carlos Jean Charle, Nena Etienne, Michael Collins, Nicolas Couture, Jay Mombo, Kevin Stage, Maxim, Patrick Plante, Juice and more…

Directed By
Jay Mombo

Written By
Jay Mombo
Nena Etienne

Screenplay By
Jay Mombo

Produced By
Avant Garde Entertainment

By Montrealgotstyle