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DMS 24: Crowning a New King

October 31, 2017 slider, The 514 Scene

DMS 24: Crowning a New King

On Friday October 20th two men, Krome and Loe Pesci battled to determine who was the rightful heir to the throne of Montreal’s battle rap scene. Now that the dust has settled let’s take a look back at what was a great event filled with entertaining battles.
Tensions were high in the main event pitting Loe Pesci vs Krome. The stage and venue was packed and excitement could be felt through the air. The first round was tightly contested and left everyone in the building thinking we had a hell of a battle on our hands. Unfortunately. Krome started heating up in the second and Loe Pesci started stumbling and struggling to get his material out. Though Krome had some minor slips as well both in second and third rounds, he was able to outperform, outbar and outclass Loe Pesci, crowning himself the now undisputed king of DMS Battle Ring and Montreal Battle Rap.

The opener of the night was Spook One, making his return to battle rap for the first time in three years vs CY. Spook One surprised by showing very little ring rust. He brought a more polished version of his comedic style with punches peppered throughout his rounds. CY on the other hand wasn’t his habitual consistent self. He seemed to struggle to remember his rounds. He had some good material in between and even freestyled with some success which was a first for him so far. However, it wasn’t enough to overcome Spook One’s consistency and infectious charisma.

Next up was Dopemor vs Niko. This battle was as expected, a show stealer! From the intros to the outros and everything in between, everything was fire! They had bars, humour and everything else you’d expect. Both seemed to step their games up and reach a new level of performance for both their careers. Niko’s energy was high as ever while being more measured than usual, while he tried unusual rhyme patterns and punches. Dopemor on the other hand, came into the building looking sharper than ever. An impression helped by his flashy attire, we got to see Dopemor at his most confident yet. He was poised and very focused, rebuttaled every round and was generally impressive with his comedic timing and one liners. Both brought the best out of each other and gave us performance and battle of the night caliber performances.

On top of some amazing battles, we got to assist to the first ever stand up comedy sets in a DMS Battle Ring event with great performances by Joshua Clarke a.k.a Scynikal and Dominique Porter. As well as a great violin performance by the multitalented Kayiri who had the entire crowd on their feet with her skilled recreation of Hip Hop classics. It was a successful event with plenty of memorable moments, you won’t want to miss the next one!

Signing off,
Jeffrey ”The Sage” Lygitsakos