Saturday, December 16, 2017

DMS 23: Two Heavy Hitters Go Head To Head (Machete Trevy and CY)

May 3, 2017 slider, The 514 Scene

DMS 23: Two Heavy Hitters Go Head To Head (Machete Trevy and CY)

Machete Trevy is a newcomer to battle rap, something you wouldn’t know by watching his battles. He created a buzz for himself by absolutely obliterating his opponent for three rounds in his try out battle in the Run DMS division. Followed by a three round war with Niko who also is on the card.

He has shown a wide set of tools ranging from changes in cadence, to humour and well crafted schemes and imagery. He has quickly become one of the scariest members of the DMS Battle Ring roster and is bound to entertain.

As for CY he has had seven battles, two of which were on the DMS stage. He is known for being consistent, he never chokes or stumbles and always delivers solid rounds. He has good projection and an ability to craft bars people relate to easily such as sports references.

This helps him gain universal appeal accross the whole spectrum of fans of battle rap. He is also one of the rare few to make a name for himself outside of the battle circuit with his music. Opening for many big names and putting on showcases to showcase local talent.

This battle could very well end up being a show stealer. Both emcees take this battle very seriously as a win for either of them could propel them up the ranks much further. You won’t want to miss this war! Be there at Le Belmont at 4483 St Laurent at 9pm. Tickets available online at: WWW.DMS23.EVENTBRITE.COM

By Jeffrey “The Sage” Lygitsakos