Sunday, December 17, 2017

DMS 23: Expect The Unexpected (Shane Mac vs Niko)

May 17, 2017 slider, The 514 Scene

DMS 23: Expect The Unexpected (Shane Mac vs Niko)

Among the three anglophone battles on the card we have a nice clash here with Niko vs Shane Mac. Niko is starting to make a name for himself having battled many of the better emcees in the DMS Battle Ring’s English division with matches against the likes of Jay J Mulo, CY and V.I.P. He’s known for having one of the best voice projections on the DMS roster. His style is energetic, loud and aggressive. He’s bound to give his opponent Shane Mac, a run for his money.

Niko is coming off his battle with Machete Trevy which you can see here:

Shane Mac, on the other hand, is a battler out of Windsor, Ontario. He has battled over thirty times in various different leagues across Canada. He has battled once before under the DMS Battle Ring over a year ago against True. This is an interesting fact as True and Niko were once part of a group together which may provide some material for both sides and make this match a little more interesting. As a battler, he is well rounded has good performance and consistency.

This matchup is likely to be a three round back and forth, tit for tat war and may be one of the battles that ends up stealing the show! You really don’t want to miss this one! Show up at Le Belmont at 4483 St Laurent on Friday May 26th at 9pm. Tickets available online now at: WWW.DMS23.EVENTBRITE.COM