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DMS 20 Review: DNA vs Krome: History Made

August 3, 2016 DMS Blog, The 514 Scene

DMS 20 DNA vs Krome: History Made

by Jeffrey “The Sage” Lygitsakos

I’ve had time to collect my thoughts, untangle the blurry memories of a crazy card full of great battles and had a LOT of coffee. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, if you live in Montreal and are a fan of battle rap you know that Friday July 22nd at the Belmont, Feezy, the whole DMS team, the performers and most importantly the battlers made history. The Belmont was absolutely packed with rabid fans of battle rap and the amount of love the battlers received was tremendous.
13719462_1775799499333484_3336811582185198373_oThe crowd was eager to react to much of the battlers material and had a tough time containing their enthusiasm in between rounds. The battlers all performed very well. Each battle had something noteworthy about it. The energy in the air was electric and kept building up until the main event where it ended in the whole crowd demanding more in unison in some sort of crescendo. The vibe was one full of a sense of fun. There was no tension within the crowd, everyone seemed to be there for a purpose which was to enjoy the art of battle rap. Seeing all of Montreal united as such was quite the sight to see.

But enough about the setting, let’s talk battles! The event had 6 battles and two performances, the performance by LK Tha Goon and Dev the Messiah absolutely shook the building and entertained the masses. The energy and vibe was quite high and gave a nice break from the battles.. The battles got increasingly better throughout the evening starting with Imad and Ji Proof, a battle that had 500$ on the line and was extremely tight and intense. It is pretty much considered the title match of DMS Battle Ring Francophone division. It was a great way to kickoff this historic night and an excellent way to set the tone for what we all knew was going to be an epic evening.


One of the reasons this was a historic night for DMS Battle Ring was that we had the first ever two on two battle featuring WordUp battlers Freddy Gruesum and Crack-A-Starr vs DMS’ Biggy Mac and Edzer. This battle was massively entertaining largely due to Freddy Gruesum and Crack-A-Starr’s incredible chemistry. They displayed an exemplary performance on how to battle in the two on two format, this was the best two on two I’ve ever seen.

13767238_841734545962434_2348411837963971328_o CY VS Niko was also a very entertaining and important battle because it marked the retirement of CY a battler who was arguably undefeated and quite respected among emcees in the city. In a previous article I predicted that Niko, a young up and coming battler would defeat CY and thus a passing of the torch would take place. I feel that this indeed did happen as both emcees showed one of their best performances to date. CY went down absolutely swinging but I gave a slight edge to Niko in a battle that could easily be debated for quite some time in the future. The footage will be the type you don’t want to miss!13700999_841733362629219_6568333526091989865_o

Another great battle took place, this time featuring Dopemor and Woodman. This battle was very entertaining, both emcees brought their A game and ended up giving the fans one of the better battles of the event. Woodman started his round in French, displayed a relaxed attitude, showed off some great rap skills and even used yours truly as a prop. Dopemor seemed a tiny bit slow to get cooking but pulled out a hilarious few bars involving Woodman’s CD. In typical Dopemor fashion, by the end of the third he had won the crowd over and made this battle one of the most debatable on the card._I6A0958Then there was MI Tha Don vs Chubalicious. Chubalicious is new to DMS, this being his first battle here. He performed well and had an aggressive style. My only gripe with him was that his rounds seemed a lot longer than MI’s. I’m not sure how long they had agreed the rounds to be but either MI came with really short rounds or Chubalicious came with really long ones. This broke up the flow of the battle a bit but not enough to reduce the quality of this battle. MI the Don on his side, was very entertaining. He stuck to his usual comedic and aggressive content but delivered it in such a way that I perceived this to be his best performance yet. Everyone knows I am not a fan of his yet, he managed to make me forget that which I think deserves a tremendous amount of credit.13725082_841734019295820_1880707569256542249_oFinally, the main event! Krome vs DNA. Honestly, the only disappointment of the night was that this battle was only a one rounder. But damn was that one round absolutely packed with punches, bars, schemes, everything a battle rap fan wants in a battle was delivered in this epic main event. Many people accuse DNA of over extending himself and not taking his opponents seriously. Well he brought his A++ game for Krome and NO ONE can claim that DNA didn’t come ready for war. He had material catered to the local crowd mixed in with very few freestyle bars one of which included yours truly. DNA chose a simple but effective approach that he executed very well. Krome on the other hand, displayed the inevitable growth needed to earn a battle of this magnitude and it was clear from the jump that he was not about to squander this opportunity he worked so hard for. He pulled a crazy balsy move and chose to go first. As a battler AND fan, is something I respect tremendously due to DNA’s freestyle ability. His penmanship was on a level far above that which he had shown in the past. He did have one small speed bump where he slipped but rather than choke or hesitate he skipped the bars he was unsure of and slipped damn near seamlessly into the rest of his material and that kids is how a PRO does it. This marked the FIRST time a Smack/URL battler came to battle a Montrealer IN Montreal and was a perfect way to cap off a CRAZY event._I6A1114

Overall, this was everything everyone expected and more! Everyone was there to have a good time, the battles for the most part went extremely well with barely any stumbles and the reception DNA got tells me he’s very likely to return and to encourage other big names to come over to our beloved city to compete. HUGE props due to everyone involved! The two on two between DMS and WordUp battlers and the French title match was symbolic of the unity present in our city something that is important to underline due to recent tension between Anglo and Francophones in Montreal. There was no tension at all between any of the people and through Hip Hop we were all united. Feezy, the entire DMS staff, the battlers, the Belmont staff, the sound crew, the Word Up staff and the fans, you all made this night one to remember! With this one in the record books, I for one can’t wait for the next DMS Battle Ring!
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