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Check Out The TOP 5 Reasons Why Loe Pesci​ Should Battle Krome​

August 7, 2017 slider, The 514 Scene
Check Out The TOP 5 Reasons Why Loe Pesci​ Should Battle Krome​

Check Out The TOP 5 Reasons Why Loe Pesci​ Should Battle Krome​
By: Stephen Malhotra

In the last decade, battle rap’s popularity has increased and achieved levels that have far surpassed anyone’s expectations. World renowned battle leagues, such as ‘Ultimate Rap League (URL)’ & ‘King of the Dot’ (KOTD), have taken battle rap culture to heights that have never been seen, while gaining the respect of industry heavyweights – like Eminem and Drake – along the way.

But before up-and-coming emcees can jump onto the URL or KOTD main stages – they must first groom themselves in hometown leagues, to gain the experience and clout needed to perform at a world class level.
One of those up-and-coming battle emcees, who has been honing his craft in MTL’s local battle league (DMS Battle Ring), as well as competing on internationally recognized stages like KOTD & Ground Zero, is Krome. Krome is a witty wordsmith who has been climbing the ranks in the MTL battle circuit and gaining recognition as the city’s next break-through battle rap star. In a brief period, Krome has defeated some of MTL’s top talent and battled international stars – like DNA, JC, and JeFFrey – to build a solid reputation for himself. Krome’s witty wordplay and clever rhyme schemes are well-displayed in his battle against world renowned battle rap superstar, DNA.

But before emcees can claim #1 status in their city, they must first defeat their city’s reigning champion. The reigning champion I speak of is a man whose name is synonymous with Montreal’s battle scene, the notorious ‘international rap super villain,’ Loe Pesci.
Loe Pesci (a.k.a. Loes) has been battling competitively – in both English and French – since the early 2000s. He has battled in both the freestyle format, as well as the written, acapella format – which is now the industry standard.
I first started following Loe Pesci’s rap career after meeting him at a New Year’s Eve party in December of 2000. But even before meeting Peshford live in the flesh, I had heard many stories of a young, hungry emcee who had been tearing up the Montreal underground rap scene, and taking the battle rap world by storm. The streets was talkin’ b.
After following Pesci’s rap career as a fan, I then became a friend and battle comrade – often travelling to Toronto with him to “throw down” in the world famous KOTD battle league. I’ve also been lucky enough to sit through Pesci’s writing sessions, and I can tell you from first-hand experience: Pesh is one of the most creative and animated emcees that I’ve ever seen!
Loe Pesci’s boundless creativity, witty metaphors, and complex multi-syllabic rhyme schemes are perfectly demonstrated in one of my personal favorite battles of his – against Ottawa native and now Montreal resident, underground Hip Hop heavyweight, Bender.

Loe Pesci is not only a local battle rap legend, but he has been mentioned amongst the best in the WORLD by many of battle rap’s most “seasoned” veterans. Pesci’s impressive resume boasts wins over New York City heavyweights such as DNA, as well as “Fresh Coast” veterans such as Tantrum. Loe Pesci was not only the first Canadian rapper to battle in, then famous, Grind Time (East Coast) in New York City – he became the first Montreal native to extend his credentials across the world – battling in the U.K., Philippines and Sweden, among other out-of-town destinations. One of Pesci’s best international performances (imo) was against Liverpool’s, Oshea, whom he battled in UK’s top battle league, ‘Don’t Flop.’

Loe Pesci has – beyond a shadow of a doubt – proven his lyrical superiority on numerous occasions and etched his name in battle rap history books. Therefore, Pesci doesn’t have much to gain from battling Krome, as this battle does a lot more for KROME’S career than it does for PESCI’S career, seen? However, there are 5 key reasons that Loe Pesci SHOULD dust off the ol’ writin’ pen, and jump back in the ring to make the most anticipated battle in Montreal history, a reality.

Here are the top 5 reasons that Loe Pesci should battle Krome:

#1 – His Competitive Spirit
Every battle rapper has one commonality: the spirit of competition! Many young, aspiring emcees are drawn to the world of “word fights” to fulfil the need to showcase their lyrical prowess and earn respect from their peers. While Pesci is far from being a young, aspiring emcee – and has earned his stripes throughout the years – there is undoubtedly a competitive nature that is still rooted within the fabric of his existence. Enter Krome, who may very well be the only MTL battler that can bring that “expensive heat” to Pesci and ignite the proverbial “fire within” that burns at the core of every great battle emcee.

#2 – Reigniting His Career
Now, while Pesci boasts a very impressive resume – holding wins over world renowned gladiators, as well as lesser-known, local competitors – his battle career has kinda-sorta fizzled out in the last couple of years. Whether it’s a lack of inspiration, or whether he just doesn’t have the time to keep up with the rigorous schedule of an ‘international rap super villain’ – he just hasn’t been as active as he was in the past. Pesci’s inactiveness has taken quite a bit of his momentum away.
Whether Pesci cares to regain his momentum is solely HIS choice – however, this is the perfect opportunity to add another notch to his battle career. Perhaps Krome is the notch that Pesci needs to add under his belt?

#3 – Retaining His Title
Hands down, Loe Pesci is part of Montreal’s battle rap “royalty.” The self-proclaimed “Prince of the Plateau” has lived to tell many tales of his heroic triumphs, and dastardly defeats – while achieving the honor of rising from the ranks of a prince – to sitting atop the highest throne as Montreal’s KING of the battle ring!
But every king’s reign must eventually come to an end. Whether it’s Pesci’s time to relinquish his crown is uncertain, but there is undoubtedly an heir to the throne (an up-and-comer by the name of Krome) who is slowly but surely gunning for that number one spot. A win over Pesci may or may not give Krome the honor of being Montreal’s new battle rap king – but it would certainly add to Krome’s accolades and help him establish himself as (MTL) battle rap’s “next-in-line.” It all depends how badly Krome wants to take the crown, and how badly Pesci wants to keep it, you feel me?

#4 – Passing the Torch
Continuing with the whole ‘every king’s reign must eventually come to an end’ spiel – although a win over Pesci may not necessarily give Krome the distinction of being Montreal’s battle rap king just YET, it would certainly be a historic “passing of the torch” moment, ya dig?
Like every other great competitor, Pesci must give a younger competitor the opportunity to put the fighting gloves on, punch his mic around and try to score the big K.O. victory! Although Pesci doesn’t owe anything to anybody – he does, however, have a moral obligation to put the younger guys “over.” Pesci can either sit back and not give Krome the opportunity to battle a local legend, or he can lace up his boots, step in the ring and give Krome a chance to instantly propel himself to the upper echelon of Montreal battle rap’s elite!

# 5 – Great for the Culture
At the end of the day, the ones who truly win are the fans. We’ve all heard the saying “do it for the kulcha,” right? Well, this an opportunity to elevate the battle rap scene in Montreal, and to promote the city’s battle culture worldwide. DMS Battle Ring has provided a platform for rappers to showcase their talent and take their skills to a higher level. The one thing that this proposed Loe Pesci vs. Krome battle would do (above anything else) is take Montreal battle rap culture to a whole new plateau.

Closing Thoughts
Loe Pesci’s name rings bells worldwide within the battle rap community, and Krome is the next in line to take Montreal’s battle scene to a higher level. This battle would not only help Krome elevate himself and prove that he can hang with the best – but it would draw a lot of outside attention to Montreal, which benefits EVERYONE in the city. Whether this battle will take place anytime soon has yet to be determined, but as a fan of battle rap, and a former battler myself, this is a match that I’d love to see. I would dare to say that ‘Loe Pesci vs. Krome’ is the one battle that Montreal fans TRULY deserve!